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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Federer on track for 15, Williams sisters holding serve setting up US/Russia semis

Roger Federer has his eyes on the prize, slam title number 15, and Rafi recovering from injury in Ibiza there appears to be no one standing in his way. After another straight set victory over Robin Soderling, Federer finds himself in quarters again but there are some formidable obstacles still standing in his way. Firstly, how about the “local boy makes good” story of Andy Murray? You gotta believe if he gets anywhere close to Centre Court on Sunday the tidal wave of momentum may be too much even for the MOP (master of patience) to overcome, and homeboy can play, so for those of you that like an upset that may not be a bad call. Also you have the bazooka, Andy Roddick who possesses a serve still faster than the internet, and who should get by Lleyton Hewitt as he as conserved his energy well and has not needed more than 4 sets in any match thus far in the tournament. Lastly, there’s Novak Djokovic the sleeper sitting back at number 4 has won every match in straight sets except for one (4 sets) and looks very comfortable on the turf. Even against that lineup, you’ve got believe that Fed knows this may be his best opportunity to pass Pete, as he owns this tourney, number 1 is at home, and he’s healthy. If he’s anything like his new BMF Tiger, he’ll be wearing ‘blood red’ on Sunday. View the complete Gentlemen’s Singles results here and if you’re so inclined, get the odds for the quarters and semi’s here.

On the Ladies side the sisters are up to their old tricks and although neither are the top seed they find themselves in the semi-finals once again and both matches figure to be worth a flight across the pond as a classic US/Russia showdown is looming. Venus (3) takes on Safina(1) and Serena(2) takes on Dementieva(4) so the cream has risen to the top and now it’s time filter the sediment. Neither sister has lost a set thus far in the dance and both are playing as well as they have in a while so of the possible scenarios the all-family affair looks as good as it has in recent years. This is exactly the kind of semi-finals that the women’s side needed to not only support their case now that the prize money is equal, as the ratings should be equal or higher than the men’s, but also to give a boost to the attention to women’s game. These matches will display how powerful the women’s game is now, as you’ve got four ladies that can bring the heat off the serve, and put plenty of “stank” on forehands. This will not be matches that go well with Sunday whites or strawberries and cream. View the complete Ladies Singles Results here.

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