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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

US Stuns Spain advances to final of Confederation Cup

In a victory that ranks among the best in the history of US soccer, close behind the world cup victories in 2002, where they beat Portugal in the opening round and Mexico in the sweet 16 to advance to their first quarterfinal since 1934. This win was not quite as big simply because it wasn’t in the world cup but when you think about the wave that Spain was riding coming into the game, perhaps it should be in the conversation. The current FIFA World number one hadn’t lost a game since 2006 en route to 35 match unbeaten streak (one shy of the world record), including 15 outright wins in a row (setting a world record), and amazingly not allowing a goal in 451 consecutive minutes. All of these streaks were snapped in the 2-0 loss to the US. In the big scheme of things it could be the best thing for Spain as it defines a “wake up call” ahead of the 2010 World Cup. Next up for the US a spot in the final against either Brazil or South Africa, either one of these would be very difficult foes as Brazil already put a 3-0 beatdown on them and SA are the host. Either way, this team was written off by everyone (present party included) and have done a complete 180 since that debacle in game two. Is this the momentum changer that could be the catalyst to a strong showing in the 2010 World Cup? We think so. Let us know here and in the Soccer chat rooms.

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