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Monday, June 22, 2009

US Open first time winner fits like a Glover

In one of the most improbable Opens in the history of the event where not one of the four rounds began and finished on the same day, a long shot came in that made Name That Bird’s 50-1 return look like a red or black. Lucas Glover, ranked 71 in the world, in his second career win where he never finished a major better than T-20, was your winner. In a script that was rejected by Hollywood because “Tin Cup” was more believable, Glover the pride of South Carolina battle back in the final round to win by two strokes over household names such as Mickelson and Duval, and four strokes over the best player in the world. Still not buying? Just wait, there’s more, Glover had yet to even make the cut at the US Open in his career. How’s that for improbable? If not for the exploits of Glover and Barnes, the comeback player of the tourney would have gone to David Duval who hadn’t been this close to the top of the chart since Bon Jovi was there. So, with all of the no-names at the top of the leaderborad where were the big dogs? Well, the sentimental favorite Mickelson had moments of glory but of course they were often couple with moments of unpredictability as his final round card contained three birds but four bogeys. And Tiger never recovered from playing during the sunami that was the first few hours of round one, shot 69,68,69 over the next three to make it respectable but would love to have those 5 bogeys from the first round back as that was the difference in the tournament. All things considered if you’re a purist then this wasn’t the tournament for you as bad weather forced great players to play poorly and made the final round Sunday which is normally one of the best events in American sports a cloudy Monday afternoon with empty galleries and only closed circuit TV watching. Although the underdogs were a great story, would you have rather seen Phil and Tiger go at it on a sunny Sunday afternoon where it was the skill of the players not the conditions that were the subject of the day? Let us know here and in the US Open Chat room.
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