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Friday, June 19, 2009

US teams arrives late to Confederations Cup

If the past week is a harbinger of how the US Men’s National Soccer Team is adjusting to the atmosphere in South Africa then it does not bode well for US chances in the 2010 world cup as they have failed to show up for their first two matches and face an early exit. Against the defending World Cup Champion Italy in their first game the US actually managed to take a 1-0 lead into the break but then got swallowed by wave of Italian pressure before drowning 3-1. Although it needs to be noted that they were the victim of one of the worst calls ever seen in international play, as a routine mid-field missed tackle was awarded a capricious red card early in the first half, putting the US at a one man disadvantage for most of the match. It was an exercise if futility after that. However there were no excuses for the second match against Brazil, where the US simply mailed it in and got hammered 3-0 setting them up for a quick trip back home. It’s time to call it as we see it, that the way this team is coached, the athletes we have on the pitch right now is not worthy of the number 14 world ranking they currently enjoy, and definitely looks like a team that will not make it out of the round robin come 2010. On their way out they get a chance to salvage some dignity against the surprise team of the tournament, Egypt, on the 21st but that’s all their leave with. What changes does the US need to make to become more competitive on the world stage? Let us know here and in the Soccer chat rooms.

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