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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Armstrong calls his shot, says not making move til’ stage 15

Either Lance Armstrong recent statement will exponentially add to is legacy by ‘calling his shot’ ala Babe Ruth or he’s just given the cyclers from around the world, who already don’t like him a whole lot, more motivation to rise up and take him out. Armstrong was recently quoted as saying that he was going to wait until stage 15 to “make his move” is pretty much saying that he can win this thang any time he decides to step his game up. After stage 10 LA finds himself 8 seconds behind the leader and his team Astana has four of the top five racers. Now, under normal circumstances you would wrap this one up for the ‘pole sitter’ for a team that is running that top heavy as the other team members would be setting him up, letting him ride their draft, and then sprint to a championship, but needless to say there hasn’t been a lot of brotherly love shown on team Astana lately. Moreover, what does that say about the sport if a 37-year old can call out the youngsters, then punk them in a seemingly effortless way? If LA can pull this off AGAIN for his eighth win what does that say about the future of this sport? It would be like Michael Jordan coming back and dunkin’ on Kobe or LeBron (well that’s already been done but you get the point). Check the stage leaders and overall leaders here. Also chat about the Tour de France and other world sports in the World Sports chat rooms.

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