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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Contador ushers Tour de France into a new age

It was set up to be the classic incumbent veteran Lance Armsrong coming back for one last title defense against the up and coming challenger Albertro Contado, the only question was would be Ali v. Liston, or Holmes v. Ali? The six-time champion called his shot stating that he would not make his move until stage 15 when they move to hills, his domain. However it was well appearent after stage 15 that the 37-year could not quite put the kids to bed the way he used to. In the end it was the Holmes jab that dominated the entire fight and although he was not laying on the canvas Armstrong was dominated and a convincing unanimous decision went to Contador. Not only did LA not predict the round, he didn’t dominate in the hills, in fact he did not even win a single stage the entire race, and never tasted the mustard jersey once. This was not about what LA didn’t do but what Contador did do. It was clear after stage 1 that Contador had no intention of walking in the shadow of LA and figured his time had come. He then went on to smoke the field by 4:39 leaving no doubt who the new king was. Even Armstrong had to give him his props as in defeat he stated that “His performance this year would have beaten my performances in 01, 04, and 05”. Is this the end for the greatest TDF champion of all time? Should LA come back next year and give us a “token run” or simply ride off into the sunset? Let us know here and in the World Sports chat rooms.
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