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Monday, July 20, 2009

Watson’s heroics help British Open get out of the Woods

Tom Watston was on the cusp of making history, again. His “duel in the sun” with Jack Nicklaus was replayed so many times over the weekend that I could have sworn I saw a ‘Lite Beer from Miller’ commercial (as it was called in the day) with Rodney Dangerfield at one of the brakes. However, he almost topped it in 2009 as he was caught from behind on the 1-yard line as he going in for the winning score, and then lost in a four hole playoff. Ironically, he did everything right. His approach at 18, when a par would have won him the tournament, landed on the green but “missed by an inch” according to playing partner Mathew Goggin, and ended up in between two cuts of fringe for a bogey 5, a playoff, and a heartbreaking loss. For Watson. The big winner was ABC who thought their ratings were headed south to Ibiza for the weekend until what turned out to be the golf story year with the highest TV ratings other than the Master’s, even with the time difference. Oh yea, did we mention that Steward Cink won the tournament and his first Major? No worries neither did Sports Center or most newspapers until page 2, but with Tiger at home in Florida that’s kinda’ what you would have expected. With Lefty’s attention focused on more important matters, Tiger’s game less than proficient, and no real consistent contenders to the grown, is it going to take a “feel good” story every tournament to save golf? Who should we be looking to take the reigns if Tiger suddenly becomes human again? Let us know here and in the golf chat rooms.

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