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Monday, August 24, 2009

EPL season kicks off with one major surprise

The EPL season is underway with many of the usual suspects at the top of the table but one major infiltrator, Spurs. Sitting atop the table from a perch they’ve never seen, Tottenham (3-0) have Premiership lead based on goal difference over familiar Champions League participants Chelsea and Arsenal. Ok, it’s only three games in and some clubs have only had one taste of competition thus far but you are already hearing the rumbles of the argument that the EPL has become a two-class system. Where the clubs at the top of the table are so far removed from the bottom half that the only drama left in the league is the shuffling of players, and positions among the top four clubs. In fact since 2006 Chelsea, Man U., Liverpool, and Arsenal are the only clubs to break into the exclusive club of the top four. There has been more drama at the opposite end of the spectrum with plight of the regulation/promotion experience. I realize it’s blasphemy to every correlate the ‘beautiful game’ to an American sport but not specifically speaking, is it time for, (do I dare?), a salary cap? It would give the other 13 clubs not threatened by regulation something else to play for rather than the subject of toast at “spoiler rallies” for the any of the big four who for fortunate enough to have someone else take care of their business for them. Does the EPL need to level the field for the smaller markets? Let us know here and in the World Sport chat rooms or EPL Sport page. Complete EPL up to date standings here.

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