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Monday, August 3, 2009

Tiger rebounds after missing cut

Tiger had the lead going into the final round of the Buick open which pretty much means the tournament is over and indeed it was, with Woods winning by three strokes and not really being challenged. It wasn’t the tournament before a major this time as TW has one more before the PGA Championship, the last major of the year. Ironically Buick is one of Woods’ many sponsors was quite pleased to see Tiger doing his thing as the PGA Tour event had a 167 percent ratings boost over last year, when Woods was recovering from knee surgery and did not play. As a 2-1 favorite to win the British, which to compared to football he was supposed to win by 3 touchdowns, a course supposedly suited to Tiger’s game tamed him and he missed the cut. The PGA will be no different as TW is an early fav. Is Tiger going to get his major this year or get shut out? Let us know here and in the World Sports chat rooms. Also see the final Buick Leader board here.

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