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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ohno wins Silver, becomes most decorated US Skater

Apolo Anton Ohno, won a silver medal in the Final of the Men’s 1500m short track creating a tie as the most decorated skater in US history tying Bonnie Blair. Ohno got off to an amazing start in his first heat as he looked like the season veteran his is, starting in dead last, letting the race take shape as well as the skaters getting winded, then struck in Ohno fashion moving on the outside and took the lead which he wouldn’t relinquish. In the semi-final, a scare as once he made his move late and pushed the lead and jostled a little with the eventual heat-winner Lee Jung-Su. In the final it was his old nemesis from the semis Jung-Su who held him off and denied him the Gold Medal, as AAO took the silver. An even bigger surprise was the heir apparent, John Celski the 19-year old from Washington whose Olympic run began in rehab after a devastating injury. So although he didn’t bring home the gold Ohno has proven the critics wrong as most pundits had written him off because he had “gone Hollywood” with the Dancing with the Stars, club appearances, and TV shows. However when all is said and done his four-a-days of 2 hours each were enough deposits to get him to the medal stand. As one of his fans of course I would have wanted to see gold, but the fact that he medaled sticks it to the cynics who need to take a step back and get off athletes like him, Phelps and others that don’t play in one of the big three sports. This is speed skating people! It’s popular once every 4 years and when you’ve got an opportunity to parlay one performance into a lifetime of endorsements, commercials, and/or reality TV programs, do it and tell those cynics where to go, as you’re on the way to the bank. He’s got another hot to become the best of all time and I for one would bank on that.

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