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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

US Hockey gets the win they needed, Jacobellis is denied redemption, Wier not in the hunt

**UPDATE** Vonn takes gold in downhill. Lindsey Vonn has overcome the “SI Jinx” and more than lived up to the hype by posting a winning time of 1:44.19 early that held up in the face of all comers to take the Gold Medal in the Women’s Downhill. Now the two questions that remain are the stability of her ankle as the weather, which has been her best friend, comes back to haunt her as now she has to ski on consecutive days. Secondly, now that the ‘monkey’ is off her back and she at least justified the swimsuit edition, can she justify the cover?

Mixed emotions for the US Winter Olympians on Day 4 as the US Hockey team looks like they may emerge from the ‘group of death’ after all after a huge win over Switzerland 3-1, in a game that wasn’t as close as the score would indicate, to start the tournament. Now, I realize it’s only one win but next up for the US is a Norwegian side that is very beatable, illustrated in their 8-0 loss to the Canadians. If they can take care of biznis’ in that game they go into the game with Canada 2-0 and the worst they can do is advance to the medal round as a 2, but that sets up a 1980’s rematch against Russia who might have a little something to play for and a little redemption on their minds. If you ever need an example of why you need to take advantage of opportunities in life when they’re presented look no further than Lindsey Jacobellis (and Dan Marino). Of course everyone remembers how Jacobellis was on her way to gold 4 years ago when all she needed to do was literally not fall down and it was her’s. Well she decided to get a little fancy and did exactly that, fell down and the rest is folklore. For four agonizing years she was the poster child for what NOT to do when victory was in sight, getting Leon Lett off the hook, and now was her time for redemption. Once again it slipped away as she was DLQ in the semis as she lost her balance after the second jump, and in the quest to regain her balance drifted out of bounds for the automatic DLQ. In several interviews prior to games she explained how she learned to live with the disappointment and how she was ready to get the lost gold back. Well, if she wasn’t the favorite this year I can’t see how she’ll be back 4 years from now, and even if she could the pressure to after 2 disappointments would be probably be more than even a thrasher could handle. Unfortunately Lindsey will be filed under the “one that got away”. Speaking of US overhype Johnny Wier has had more than his share of props for a guy with no hardware, and as in most cases when the sizzle is that hot, when the lights turn on there isn’t much steak in the pan (ie; Kristy Yamaguchi), and Wier looks to be the next in line after a sub-par short program that landed him sixth place,, he needs to perform like….well an athlete worthy of praise prior to performance, to get into medal contention. So, it looks like we can file him under “hot air dryer”. And what is up with Shani Davis no-showing in the 500 because he wanted to rest up for the 1500???? Talk about “stoneless”! Dude, you’re a world class athlete (also a WR holder) who will have an entire day to rest and the rest of your life remember. Man up, and if you lose the 5, fine. Come back and get your Gold in 1.5, but don’t just mail it in and blame it on fatigue. Who has been the biggest disappoint in the Olympics so far? The biggest surprise? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.

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