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Thursday, February 25, 2010

US won the battle but Canada is convinced it will win the war

The United States Men’s Hockey team remained unbeaten and top seed as the Olympic Hockey moves into it’s version of the “Frozen Four”. Along with their next opponent #4Finland, #7Slovakia, and #4Canada. Truth be told this is one of those situations where looking back, beating the Canadians for the first time in 50 years in Olympic competition may have been something other than “the greatest game since the Miracle on Ice”, as the Canadians appear stronger after their ordeal, and after disposing of an overrated Russian squad facing a #7 seed in Slovakia as the US takes on #4 Finland. After the country suffered a day of mourning, they came to the realization that they needed to win 4 games in six nights, with the toughest game supposedly coming in the quarters against Russia, basically passing off the loss to the US as an aberration, as they would probably have to face them again in the Gold Medal Game. Well, they not only won the first two of four, but looked very convincing in doing so, splitting the poles 15 times in the two games. Now they are left with only 7-seed standing in their way back to redemption, making their purgatory a very short lived one. Meanwhile the US has gone quietly about their business at 4-0, top seed, and facing a Finnish team that has played well defensively but shouldn’t have the team speed to stay with the younger US team (the US has 23 players under 25 years old), who is also more rested. Ya know it’s simply amazing how quickly the Cannucks turned those frowns upside down and after defeating the Russians, believe once again that they are the favorites to take gold on Sunday. “if it took the States 50 years to beat us once, they certainly can’t do it twice in one week” a popular paper wrote. Well, if it was disrespect that proved to be the catalyst for a US victory the first time around, there certainly won’t be a shortage of bulletin board material, but the US will be at a disadvantage possibly larger than facing a packed house with an entire nation watching, the fact that they won’t be able to catch the Canadians off guard this time. Can the US pull the ‘upset of the decade’ twice in one week? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.

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