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Monday, March 29, 2010

The simple truth about Tiger, now can we get back to Golf?

If anyone ever ask the question if Tiger is bigger than the sport of golf itself, try this little test. I challenge you to find a recent story about the Master’s, on the web, in publication or otherwise that has nothing to do about Tiger’s sex life. I mean, I’ll take one on how the course is holding up, what other golfers look in their practice rounds, how Tiger’s fundamentals look after being off for 5+ months. You won’t because no one cares or wants to read about it, and that gives you the state of the sport. If I were another player on tour I’d be pretty upset (softly put) if I worked my entire life to achieve a status that few on the planet ascend to, and all people are asking me about was if I had an opportunity to talk to the ‘playa’ in red, and how/if I’m affected by what’s going on in his world. I wouldn’t be surprised if some else other than Elin takes a 9 nine iron to him simply out of frustration. So I thought I would take this opportunity to expose the simple facts of this our prior to the start of the tournament so those of us who actually are interested in the golf tournament won’t have to deal with the TMZ type idiots who should be on a different channel watching entertainment tonight ( I don’t even know if that’s still on the air but you get the point). Firstly, Tiger isn’t a sex addict. I mean, that is the lamest term to describe a male under 40, it’s like calling a dog a “meat addict”. Seriously, be smart for a minute, what makes more sense, that he has a physical ailment (that is considered ‘abnormal’ in heterosexual males), or he’s a freakin’ billionaire who is making up for lost time when he was on the college campus, a skinny kid, on a northern California campus where the football and basketball players were hooking up weekly with different hot beach co-eds and the geeky golfer was drinking his warm beer in the corner thinking “I’m a athlete too, why aren’t I getting any?” Then he becomes the most recognizable athlete on the planet AND NOW the cheerleaders that wanted nothing to do with him are sneaking out of his hotel windows at 2am in every city that host a major. No doubt his wife is quality and you’re just not going to be able to put that on ice for two years while the gets this stuff out of his system, she’d be with some else by then. So, he figured he’d lock down the life-long companion and finish his graduate work on the side. Same as many of our beloved NFL, NBA, and MLB players. That’s it, there’s no master criminal conspiracy, no undocumented mental illness, no brain dysfunction. He’s a male, in the prime of his life, with plenty of 20k per night suites at his disposal, complete with secret tunnels or discrete exit/entry. Oh, and the other golfers, and writers, they simply are using the opportunity to pounce on Tiger for either kicking their a$$ on the course or snubbing them on an interview. These are the same guys with one on each knee at Super Bowl parties so don’t for one second think they don’t have their own agenda. Ok, there you have it, now can we put the tabloids down and focus on the best golfers in the world coming to Georgia on April 8th. Do you think Tiger's off the course activities have overshadowed the game? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.

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