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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Money lives up to his name(s)

Floyd “Money” Mayweather more than lived up to both of his nicknames last weekend as he easily disposed of “Sugar” Shane Mosely, who was thought by many as the ‘the best welter-weight fighter in the world’, and netting a nice 20 million purse in the process. His second nickname of the “PPV King” also remains in tact as the $54.99 fight did much better than many expected. However, if the mind of Money is anything like I think it is he would gladly turn in both names to regain the one he wants most, which is the “pound-for-pound” title back, and the only way he can get that is to take out Pac Man. Much like a political campaign, popular vote has suddenly swung Floyd’s way and his comments after the fight with Shane for once worked dramatically in his favor. Simply calling for the fight to be on a “level playing field” referring to his request for Manny to submit to a drug test doesn’t seem unreasonable, and now Pacquiao’s reason for refusing being his “fear of needles” carries much less weight, particularly when you see the number of tattoos on his body. For the first time in his career many are beginning to doubt the depths of his dominance and finding some chinks in the armor. But the best thing about boxing is the fact that usually things get decided in an absolute fashion. Two go into the ring and one beats the other, no refs, bad calls, or instant replays. One winner, all questions and trash talking answered, the fight of the millennium. So before we have to start counting hanging chads to decide the PFP belt let’s man up, prick the fingers, and settle this in the ring.

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