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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Big Dogs Lost in the Woods, but the field playing competitive golf

If the proper salutation is “Ms. Andrews” then she must be taking up Elin’s cause because payback has been a bitch to Tiger as he can not seem to gain any momentum or make up any ground on the leaders, and it’s not just TW as the entire pack of players that were within striking distance but needed to pick up a couple of strokes themselves while having the leaders pull back just a bit in order to make for a marquis finish didn’t happen. At the close of round three there are no big names at the top, as Garcia (-4), Woods (-3), Lefty (-2), Singh (-1), and Cink (-1) will be the opening act on Sunday ahead of the headliners, Louis Oosthuizen (leader at -15), Paul Casey (-11), and Martin Kaymer (-8) may not be household names but they are taming a fickle mistress right now, and if lady luck is Ms. Andrews BFF then she is joining those three for cocktails after this round, because they have had their share of visits to the tall stuff as well but have managed to hold it together with only 3 bogeys between them. What makes the Open, “the Open” is the combination of an unforgiving course and the elements themselves and usually they ‘take the white gloves off’, but they had some sympathy yesterday as the top paring on the course was Ms. Andrews and Mother Nature so the officials decided to try and keep it close by calling for a delay in play, not for a rain delay, but because of the wind which you RARELY see. Much of the damage had been done however as the early players got a decisive advantage. Rory McIlroy made the largest peak to trough drop in Open history going from 63 to 80, and the difference of scores before and after the break are staggering, as the players below par 23/0, even par or higher 28/75, rounds in the 60’s 9/0, 68’s or better 6/0, and most of all the scoring average 72.29/76.92. So once again getting on the links early made all the difference and perhaps created an insurmountable lead. Just the same enjoy the final round on Sunday for what it is, great players trying to tame a vicious course. It may not have the names, bit of you were watching live without the benefit of TV titles you wouldn’t know the difference. If you must have a familiar name to keep your interest then watch Phil and Tiger have their game within a game as Lefty tries to leapfrog Tiger and take over the number one ranking which may end up stealing the thunder when all is said and done anyway.
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