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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

King George rules with an iron fist (jab)

Georges St. Pierre sent more than a message Saturday night with a very impressive unanimous decision over Josh Koscheck, what King George did was put on display his amazing repertoire of fighting skill and ring intelligence. In a manner more suited to a quarterback that studies hours of film then goes out and executes the game plan, GSP recognized a weakness in the Hoscheck defense, brought on Freddie Roach the legendary boxing trainer whose resume includes the current Pound-per-Pound best fighter in the world Manny Pacquiao, and developed a jab that would even intimidate Floyd Mayweather. He used the jab to perfection and not only landed the most damaging punch of the fight in the first round, but perhaps the first strike with a jab to the left side of Hocheck’s face that broke his optical bone and then swelled up to the point where no vision was possible. Beating GSP with two eyes is has not been done as of yet, so attempting to do it with one was simply not possible. Unfortunately, it’s St. Pierre that might be at a crossroads after the fight because he must answer the question of ‘where to go from here’ because there may not be anyone left to fight, and after taking down the 100k bonus for fight of the year what can he do for an encore? Hey, if Floyd won’t man up and fight Pac-Man maybe George will. Who would you like to see GSP fight next and who could give him a good fight? Let us know here, or chat live with other MMA fans in the MMA chat room.

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