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Friday, March 25, 2011

EPL also coming down to the wire

Just when I was ready to hand the EPL Title over to Man U. they drop 3 of their last six and now the Gunners are just five points behind with eight matches to play. In all probability they just need two more wins to wrap the title up but they do still have some work ahead of them in the form of 3 matches with Chelsea, one with City, and one with Arsenal. It’s certainly not a given and with their remaining schedule equally divided between home and away, but right now the home matches with Everton and Blackpool could loom larger than those with the Blues and the Gunners.

The race for the title is not the only focus of the EPL as we close out March but it may not even be the best one as the dotted line separated the tournament sides from the rest is also blurred. City is just one point behind Chelsea, who as we mentioned has a very tough remaining schedule and Spurs are just behind them waiting to falter at 4-points behind in the fifth spot.

However the most hotly contested battles is the one to avoid regulation as eight clubs are within three points of each other starting with Rovers in the 13th spot (33points )going all the way down to Wigan in the 20th place(30). In-between are Villa, Blackpool, West Brom, West Ham, Wanderers, and Birmingham City. Rovers were not on the hot seat until they went winless in their last six with four losses to drop into the mire with the rest. West Ham and Wanderers have come up with the most points out of the last six matches with 10 and it may take a repeat performance over the next six to assure a place at the table next season. So much is subject to change over the next week so let us know your thoughts here and in any of the quick links.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Now that the Tiger has a thorn in is paw who will step up?

Nothing would please the PGA more than if Tiger were able to get his swagger back because it would mean they could get theirs back as well. It made a great novelty act at first as a steam of different golfers were able hoist a trophy and pick up a check but it didn’t last long and now the advertisers realize exactly how much people turned in to see Tiger win, almost as many that tuned in to see him get beat. But not because they disliked him, but because he was the best and at the top of his game and there are a substantial amount of fans that want to see their favorite knock off the top dawg. Just not when he’s wounded on the side of the road. So with a new World Number One (can you name who it is?) fans would like to see a little bit of a run and perhaps become the next big thing, or thing to knock off the top. So at Doral I’m not buying that Tiger and Phil were pared in the opening round by chance as they need every boost in ratings they can get. This first round of the World Championships at Doral is in the books and there is no sign of ‘the striped one’ on the front page of the leader board but there are 7 players tied at -5 and another 8 at -4. Because of that Tiger’s T32 doesn’t look so much like a mountain and two year s ago it wouldn’t have been but recent history has it shaping up like Everest. So who would we like to see taking the slow walk on Sunday? The defending champ Ernie Els is just 4 back at -3 after finishing at -18 last year, Lefty sits at -2, you kinda’ gotta like Vijay just two back at -5. Oh yea, I guess I buried the lead, Martin Kaymer is the new world’s number one and sits at -5 with six others. Well, someone has to wear the crown and it may be changing heads for quite some time.

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