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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Sunday Dog race and the appearance of a Tiger gives the PGA what it needed

It seemed like this year’s Masters was over at the conclusion of the third round as Rory McIlroy seemed to be safely coming in for a landing and showing no signs of wilting under the pressure. Even on Sunday he held steady and even increased his lead then simply crashed and burned unlike anything we have seen since the Shark got caught in the tuna net years ago. A three-hole stretch of 10, 11, and 12 will never be forgotten and perhaps never overcome as Rory had a triple bogey on the 10th hole to drop form first to seventh with one swift stroke (or lack thereof). His name would not be among the leaders the rest of the way. Then a barrage of incredible final day rounds that would normally send an individual immediately to the tailors for a jacket fitting, was commonplace as six golfers at the top had rounds of 69 or better to create the best Sunday drama in years as at one point there were five players tied at -10 with over five holes to play. Thankfully for the PGA one of them was the world’s former number one and although he didn’t win but he stayed in the hunt all four rounds, the Master’s Tournament was able to compete in the ratings war with both the NBA and MLB and largely due to the fact that Wood’s was more than just a ‘before the cut’ story. An amazing final day comeback to tie for the lead on two occasions made for great drama that both the television and live audience loved to see. Surprisingly the loudest roars were for Tiger as he climbed up the leader board on Sunday. Like so many other sport stars whom have fallen out of favor, time seems to be healing the wounds but only winning can make them completely go away. When it was all said and done, and we’ll have to get the final ratings this week, but after slumping for well over half a year the PGA is back in a big way no one was leaving their sets until this one was done.

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