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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Champions League Final worthy of its name

Prior the much hyped semi-final matchup between Barcelona and Real Madrid, many were calling that confrontation the “Real” final, but after watching the Red Devils dismantle FC Schalke with relative ease, lead the English Premier League by 3 points going into the final 3 matches, and dealing with a torrid schedule and some injuries to key players, no one can contradict that Man U have more than justified their place in the Champions League Final. On the other side of the pitch you have the perennial powerhouse that has finally gotten over the “Madrid Malaise” as in the previous two attempts it has been the Red/Blue/Gold that has gotten the top end of the aggregate and moved on when the two have met. Only now Barcelona was forget the celebrations and parties in the street and “real”ize that their journey is not yet completed and there is one more task ahead of them, and it’s quite a formidable one. Man U. may also have a match it will need to put behind them come the 28th as this Sunday’s match with Chelsea has been called the EPL Super Bowl as only 3 points separates the two sides from 1 and 2, with a result for the Devils all but assuring them the title. So with a victory over the Blues both sides of the final will be coming off huge wins over rivals with a stacks of checks in the center of the table and the side that can parlay that momentum will be hoisting another piece of hardware at the end of the month.

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