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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mayweather vs. Ortiz – one good farce deserves another

Well, we knew it wouldn’t be a sleeper going into the fight and that some would get knocked out, we just didn’t know who. As it turns out we also didn’t know HOW. In the most improbable way Ortiz was knocked out in Saturday’s Welter Weight title bout when no one was expecting it, especially him, but he should have been. Word to the wise when you are in a confined area with someone who is trained, and attempting to do you bodily harm, defend yourself AT ALL TIMES! Ok, the reality is that the outcome would have been the same either way, as Money was ahead on all cards and OV’s eye was swelling up, closing shut, and he wouldn’t have been able to see a lightning fast combination coming regardless if it was on the break or not. Additionally, (particularly for you attorneys out there) but for not the illegal head but the fighters wouldn’t have been in that position to begin with, which would have been the cheap shot everyone would have been talking about on Monday and actually would have finally gotten some people off the fence in regard to Floyd, on the positive side but in that regard Money is just snake bitten. Instead the take-a-way is that Flyod’s punch is the only topic of discussion regarding the fight and the he just re-fortified the insurgents of haters with new ammunition. It only got worse after the fight after he verbally sparred with the crypt key holder Larry Merchant. However consider this, if there was ever a chance that Mayweather/Pacquiao would actually happen it’s now. Manny stock has never been higher and neither has the hate scale of those who want to see Floyd taste the canvas. The cheap shot re-raise fight just added $5 to PPV cost because of “Ali Factor” which simply is all those who love him will watch and all of those who hate him will as well to see what he will do next or happen to him next. As a true boxing and sports fan it’s a shame that once again a masterful performance by Floyd will be overlooked, and his antics, attitude, and brashness have taken away from what should be discussed which is a 42-0 record and complete dominance over a substantial period of time in multiple divisions. It’s kind of similar to final line in “The Social Network”. Floyd is not an A@#$%# his is trying so hard to be.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Djokovic earns his ranking and so does Serena

Despite being delayed the US Open fought through the weather to deliver memorable Men’s and Women’s Finals as the men’s bracket provided the climax everyone wanted to see with matching performances in a 4 hour 10 minute thriller. Although it wasn’t a classic in the “five-setter” sense it was among the most fiercely competitive with both men playing fantastic, court-covering defense in a grueling contest that lasted 4 hours, 10 minutes, there were more than two dozen points that lasted at least 15 strokes. There was a classic eb and flow to the match as Djokovic took command early and it looked like he may take out Nadal in straight sets but the only time Djokovic truly faltered at all in the final was in the crucible of the third set, when he showed signs of being bothered by his lower back. His level dipped, and Nadal made one last stand. Djokovic went up 3-2 only to get broken, then served for the match at 6-5 and was broken again when he made two unforced errors, the second at the end of a 21-stroke exchange. Raffe showed his mettle and looked like he had the mo after taking the 3rd set tie-breaker and leaving the world number one on his back getting medical attention, and the only thing that could have made it more dramatic was if the Rocky theme was playing in the background as ND got up then proceeded to put Nadal way 6-1 to close out the match and the championship.
Novak Djokovic completed a remarkable Slam season with a four-set win over Rafael Nadal in the U.S. Open final. It was the top-seeded Serb's third major title of 2011 and his sixth straight over Rafael Nadal running his record 64-2 in 2011 with 10 titles including the three slams.

I wish I could say the same for the Women’s final in regards to drama but it was simply more disappointment in the play and the antics of Serena Williams who dropped a lack luster straight set loss to Samantha Stousur. It was arguably the best match we’ve ever seen from Stousur who displayed talent and toughness worthy of seed much higher than a nine, while Williams showed a temperament and inability to win the crucial points worthy of her 28th seed. The Aussie was busy breaking Serena serve as Williams was occupied with breaking her rackets. Disposing of her 6-2, 6-3, although it was a war of attrition that took a record 3 hours and 16 minutes, and in the end she simply war down the will and the mental toughness of Serena who seemed to wilt under the lights which has been more the norm for her as of late. It’s too bad if the reign of the William’s sisters ends with Venus marred by injuries and Serena marred with herself.

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