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Friday, December 9, 2011

Tiger still needs to earn his stripes

I’m holding out before I officially announce that the Tiger is on the loose again. True, he did finally put together four strong and consistent rounds for the first time since the wrapped his SUV, and then after getting caught and passed, rallied and won NOT because his competition folded or made a mistake but because he matched a birdie vs. a Par on 18. With all of that said I would like to see him be in the hunt from start to finish in his next event, particularly with the long layoff. However simply look at the verbiage in the last sentence where we would be happy simply to see Tiger competitive on Sunday where three years ago Tiger OWNED Sunday. When he came out of the clubhouse in his Stanford Red and was anywhere close to the final paring you knew it was pretty much done. So the mere fact that we’re hoping he’s still hitting greens on the weekend shows that we don’t truly believe he’s back. Moreover, who would of ever thought so many of his compeers would be running so much smack at him and live to tell about it?? Even cadies and players that he would lab by the second raound are callin him a punk b$^% now, kicking him when he’s down, and all but challenging him to rise up and shut them up, all without retort. But he’s earned the benefit of the doubt so if he doesn’t cool off after the long holiday layoff perhaps I’ll be ready to give him his stripes back.

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