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Sunday, May 13, 2012

EPL's "Regulation Sunday" may be even larger off the pitch

The Sunday sets up as the biggest day in the EPL in recent years as for the first time in over a century the EPL table could very likely be decided by a tie-breaker. At the top of the Man City and Man U. will both need to win to provoke the afore mentioned scenario but it despite the difference in records, neither game will be a “gimme”. Although City will be at home with a chance to clinch they’ll face off with QPR who is in a ‘do or die’ scenario of their own as they are currently two points clear of the mire that is regulation with Bolton who will be on the pitch simultaneously. Tied with City at the top of the table are their inter-city, and hated rivals, Manchester United who feel they may have let the championship slip away in the last six matches going just 3-2-1 while City has gone 5-1 to tie for lead but with the massive eight point edge in goal differential only a straight point total win will do. To add insult to injury five of those crucial eight goals came at the hands of Manu during their 6-1 drubbing. Man U will be on the road on the final day as they travel to 11th place Sunderland who hasn’t had a victory in their last six going 0-4-2, so they may be due or on simply on their way down? Not only is there action on both the top and the bottom of the table but in the middle as well as Spurs and Newcastle will need one more day to decide the final Champions League participant. On top of all of this, Sunday will also mark the first time the entire EPL day will be televised which could be huge for the sport and the future of the EPL in the Untied States. The knock on soccer in general is the frequency of the scoring but knowing the importance the games, which will be redundantly reiterated by the announcers for each given game, it may capture an audience for the first time since the World CUP. This is a great opportunity, particularly for fans on the east coast. So the up hill battle continues in regards to the English game’s popularity here and now the stage is set for the EPL to deliver a product that can justify the title of World’s most competitive league.

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