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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Does the US Need an Attitude Adjustment?

Perhaps the US Olympic Team was a bit overconfident going into the 2012 games as there was no shortage of pre-games hype for almost all of the team sports, as well as individual swimmers and track participants. Now, I know it’s early but the first few days may be a harbinger of things to come as we’ve seen some of the “go to guys” not deliver right off the bat as Ryan Lochte got gunned down from behind in the final of the 4 X 100 (left off the podium in 200-free) and Phelps had the same done to him in the 200 individual. The men’s gymnastics didn’t show up for the team competition and were left off the podium. The women’s volleyball and beach volleyball are ranked the best in the world and seem to enforce their will early but then let the opponents back in the match only to pull away in the end. Even Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh have dropped their first set in Olympic competition . Men’s hoops hasn’t played a good first quarter since a practice game against Argentina before they arrived in London. Of course there is plenty of time to tighten things up but one has to be concerned with the apparent absence of a sense of urgency which may be the symptom of the less than expected results.
View the current medal count standings here.

Is this a matter of everyone reading their own headlines or is it the pressure that comes with the realization that this country loves a winner, and ONLY a winner, so the endorsements only come when preceded by a gold medal? In any case, after the first week the US is slightly behind in total weight but much more in precious medal. If they’re going to pick up more Gold then then it first needs to change between the ears before it can translate to the pool, court, sand, or the field.

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