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Friday, April 12, 2013

Agusta Sets the Stage Like Only it can

The weather may have overcast and cloudy but that was the only disappointing thing about the opening round. The players we know on a first name basis like Tiger, Lefty, Sergio, Freddie, and Rory are all in the mix, and although there was scoring the course still carried the day as the clubhouse leaders sit at -6. I suppose we could have used a marquis threesome to start the tournament with such as Rory, Tiger, and Couples but if the first round was any indication, it looks like they all will be there slugging it out over the weekend and that would be great for the sport that has been on the backswing of the ratings curve since Tiger has been trying to find his. But now it seems like all the moons are aligned for a Granddaddy to grab the headlines again, for much better reasons than bringing their admittance police in-line with the 21st century. So from here there are several directions that the tourney can travel and keep the audience glued to set throughout the weekend. Just making the cut for 14-year old Tianlang Guan would be one the biggest Augusta stories in a decade, conversely how about 53 year-young Freddie Couples turning back the clock and being on the first page of the leaderboard? Of course, the billing that would be big enough for MSG would be if Tiger and Rory could find themselves at 1 and 2 going into Sunday but so would Tiger and Lefty, or any of the big names to finally answer the question if TW is back for good? Mix in a sprinkle of upsets like first timer David Lynn and the British invasion of Westwood, Rose, and Donald and we got ourselves a dance with attending. The stories are writing themselves, now we just need the supporting cast to set the stage for the weekend box office. View the Current Masters Leaderboard here:

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