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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Moyes Has To Do More Than Replace A Legend

There are some players and coaches that have transcended the game in which they competed. Stateside Michael Jordon’s legacy has long survived his playing days, and cast a shadow on those that have followed him that may be too big and dark to ever surpass. English football has some legends of their own from Bobby Moore to Gordon Banks to Paul Gascoigne, players that have set the bar so high that only years after David Beckham’s career is over can he get into the same conversation. As rare as those athletes are rarer still is a manger that is known on a first name basis around the world, and Sir Alex has achieved that plateau. 13 EPL Titles, 38 pieces of hardware, 2 CL Titles, and 5 FA Cups is a resume that may never be challenged. Now that he is stepping down and David Moyes has the dubious challenge of following in the footsteps the size of a giant. Moyes, who ends his 11-year stint on Merseyside this week, has led Everton to a respectable 6th place finish and although not tasting gold still had strong support of his fans and showed enormous fortitude at the press conference by only fielding questions regarding Everton and saving the Man U. business to after the season. No doubt he has the respect of his compeers whom have lent their praise to the Red Devils on their selection but that could also be because they want to see the reign of dominance end. After 20 EPL championships including 8 out of the last 13 years they would have given me praise if they tapped me as the new general. Interim Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez expects United to carry on challenging for major honors with Moyes at the helm. "He's a good manager. I think that he will have a very good team, so I'm sure he will compete at the top and he can win trophies with a big club," said Benitez. "It's not easy to find someone like Ferguson, but he's a manager with experience in the Premier League. He knows the players, he knows the club and the Premier League. It could be a good appointment, but it takes time to say." Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert reckons Moyes is the perfect choice to take over from Ferguson at Old Trafford. He said: "Absolutely fabulous manager. I think if anybody can do it, and keep the continuity, David can do it. I think he will be able to handle it, no problem. QPR boss Harry Redknapp added his support, saying: "It is a fantastic opportunity for David. He has worked hard for the last ten years at Everton. It is difficult to follow Sir Alex but it is good to see a lad like David, who has done his time in the lower leagues as well, get such an opportunity." And therein lies the paradox of landing the dream job that every manager covets but fears just as much as failure on a stage that big is exponentially magnified throughout the world as the perception is that you just have to roll out the balls and let the hundred million dollar payroll do its thing. Well, needless to say there’s more to it than that and it will start the day Moyes hangs his hat as the first thing on the agenda has to be the signing of Wayne Rooney whom is at least listening now as the new manager was influential in Rooney’s development as a teen breaking into the league. Some say this, as much as anything else, was one of the reasons for the decision so to land the striker to deal would be a huge feather in his cap and would start his tenure in a big way. Conversely if he fails to land him it could make the faithful immediately miss the “godfather” that you didn’t say no to. Add this to a club where it’s all about hardware and championships and you’ve got a gauntlet of a task not for the faint at heart. So good luck to lad from Everton as the challenge of a lifetime awaits, and the football world will be watching.

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